Red Kite
Milvus milvus
The red kite, scientifically known as Milvus milvus, is a medium-sized bird of prey that belongs to the kite family. It is recognized for its striking reddish-brown body, deeply forked tail, and graceful soaring flight. Historically found throughout much of Europe, the red kite experienced a decline in numbers due to factors such as habitat loss and persecution, but conservation efforts have led to its recovery in certain regions. Red kites are known for their scavenging behavior, often feeding on carrion and other discarded food. Their distinctive forked tail and wings allow them to effortlessly glide and soar for long periods, utilizing air currents to their advantage. Their acrobatic flight displays, characterized by swoops, dives, and elegant maneuvers, make them a captivating sight to observe. Red kites have become a symbol of successful conservation efforts and are cherished for their role in maintaining ecological balance by cleaning up carrion and reducing disease risks in their habitats.